Striker X

In life, it’s the ones that are closest to you that do you the most harm.


The monsters that I hunt are no longer mindless beasts.They have somehow grown sentient and are a threat to elven and dwarven kind alike. As for the orcs, they can fend for themselves. We don’t concern ourselves with those who do not bow down to the Interplanetary Galactic Force. My name is Vex, and I’m a striker. I eliminate the monsters that come from the rift.


After a decade of loyal servitude to the IGF, I find myself at odds with my fellow elves. Too many secrets, too many lies, too much trickery. Especially this one corrupt politician. One whose allegiance to the Cyber Realm threatens to erase the very fabric of our own.

I wish I knew that before it all went south. But hindsight is 20/20, and I see a little more as each day passes.


The Unworthy Blood Knight

In a world where vampires are nothing more than the scum beneath the bottom of a cleric’s boot, Zurie’s only wish is to become a Blood Knight.


 For as long as Zurie could remember, she has been a failure. But when Zurie fails to warn her den of vampires about an incoming threat, she loses the only group that would accept her. Living at the bottom of the barrel as a toxin wielding vampire, she must learn to survive alone. Supported by magical artifacts and the wealth of the aristocrats the clerics keep a watchful eye on the vampire community.


 After barely passing the last Blood Knight initiation, Zurie is thrust into the community of vampires where the sword speaks louder than the tongue ever could. Realizing the Blood Knights are not what she expected it becomes obvious that she may have made a grave mistake. With the Blood Knights at her back and the clerics at her front, she must find her place swiftly or perish as many have before her.

 A misfit in the wind suffering from bipolar trying to find purpose in life. Will she find that purpose she has so longed for?

Rise of the Abyss

A captivating and intrigue-filled tale of death, treachery, magic, and mayhem. It combines western fantasy themes with the challenges of mental illness to create a unique reading experience.


 In the war-torn world of Lelanos, one’s guild transcends blood ties. No other guild reflects this belief better than the neutral Elephant Guild. There are five tenets that all must adhere to, but one that has never been broken. When the stoic judge James receives an urgent letter, he must leave the safety of Grande to enter the buzzing city that is Larimar. Soon after his arrival one thing becomes clear.

Great beauty often hides great scars underneath and Larimar is no different.  When James learns of a dark and twisted practice his mind becomes fragmented. Plagued by hallucinations and voices he must decide which is more important, his personal idea of justice or the guilds. The abyss that is his mental health threatens to engulf him, will he give in to his demons?  


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