Striker X
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In this fast-paced space military action-adventure, one monster-hunting dark elf begins to question everything he knows-and finds himself surrounded by enemies.

He eliminates the monsters that come from the rift. Vex is the third-highest-ranked striker in the Interplanetary Galactic Force, and he’s gaining fast on number two. Every victory, and every progression in rank, comes with upgraded weapons technology and magic defenses.

But after a decade of loyal servitude to the IGF, he’s finding himself at odds with his fellow elves. His shadow fox phenome has begun whispering strange warnings. The monsters he’s hunting are no longer mindless beasts: They’ve somehow grown sentient. And while Vex has always stayed out of politics, he’s beginning to suspect corruption even in his own force. Someone is allying themselves with the cyber realm.

In this high-octane thrill ride with intricate characters, majestic apocalyptic settings, and death around every corner, Vex’s fight for survival hits twist after shocking twist. He might be the only one who can stop a corrupt game world filled with unfathomable enemies.

But it’s the ones closest to you who do you the most harm.


The Unworthy Blood Knight

In a world where vampires are nothing more than the scum beneath the bottom of a cleric’s boot, Zurie’s only wish is to become a Blood Knight.


 For as long as Zurie could remember, she has been a failure. But when Zurie fails to warn her den of vampires about an incoming threat, she loses the only group that would accept her. Living at the bottom of the barrel as a toxin wielding vampire, she must learn to survive alone. Supported by magical artifacts and the wealth of the aristocrats the clerics keep a watchful eye on the vampire community.


 After barely passing the last Blood Knight initiation, Zurie is thrust into the community of vampires where the sword speaks louder than the tongue ever could. Realizing the Blood Knights are not what she expected it becomes obvious that she may have made a grave mistake. With the Blood Knights at her back and the clerics at her front, she must find her place swiftly or perish as many have before her.

 A misfit in the wind suffering from bipolar trying to find purpose in life. Will she find that purpose she has so longed for?

The Unworthy Blood Knight - Cover E-Book
Striker Y
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I used to hunt monsters, back when life was simple.

In the explosive sequel to Striker X, the galaxy has shifted beneath Vex’s feet. Sentient beasts still pour out of the rift, threatening elves and dwarves alike, but they are no longer the greatest threat. Acting against the corrupt politician Morange has upended Vex’s entire life. He has had to flee the Interplanetary Galactic Force—and be taken in by his old enemies, the paramilitary Red Rogue Alliance.


The Alliance, hell-bent on freeing the galaxies from the IGF, wants to train Vex to be their figurehead and assassin. But if he takes on their mission, it will mean assuming a new identity, surviving brutal training, and diving undercover deeper than ever into the cesspool of the IGF. From a hostile orc world to a brutal prison planet, from shocking enemies to unexpected allies, nothing is what it seems. And, as the cyber realm and the real world continue to merge, every player has their own game. 


The success of the entire revolution rests on Vex’s shoulders. He has no choice but to fight on.