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Striker X

A Space Military Action-Adventure
Official Release Aug 31 2020
Marble Surface
My Story

My mind is a chaotic place to dwell. The dark thoughts that clamor for freedom spill out onto the pages of art. Enter the mind of a Bipolar author.

Several people have asked me why I bother to write in the first place. Some say it is a dying art form, while others claim it is simply a waste of time if I want to be rich. Truth be told, I write because that is what I have been called to do.


Mental illness is a topic that still has stigma attached to it, and I wish to aid in the removal of said stigma. My novel, The Unworthy Blood Knight, is a prime example of that. Ultimately, creating art is a form of healing for both the reader and the writer. Hopefully, you join me on this journey and allow our minds to intertwine.

My Books

Striker X

The Unworthy Blood Knight

Striker Y - Coming Soon


Striker X made me addicted to reading, and this is coming from someone who doesn't read on a daily basis. Once I started to read Striker X I couldn't put it down.

O'neal Carter,

Satisfied Reader

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Aug. 04, 2020, 12:00 p.m.
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